Pro store Application

Pro Store Application

Welcome to the Grundéns Pro Program,


This program is designed specifically for people who work in and earn their living from fishing- so guides, captains and watermen you’re in the right place. This program is not open to the public. It's an acknowledgment and thank you for the hard work and contribution you make to the different fishing communities you serve both on and off the water. Your work keeps many fishing communities and traditions going and for that we’re truly thankful.


This program is built on trust, we’re offering discounts for products other people have to buy at full cost, so we ask you respect the intent of this program which means you don’t discuss discounts, buy products for your own use and don’t window shop at your local retailer before buying products through this pro-program. Any abuse will result in immediate removal from the Grundéns Pro Program.


Not all applications will be accepted, and we will try to get back to you within 7-10 days of your inquiry. Before you start your pro-program application make sure you have one of the following documents available to upload to provide proof of eligibility:


- Fishing Guide License

- Employee pay stub with confidential information blacked out


Thanks again for all you do to support the fishing and outdoor community,


The crew at Grundéns USA