Pro store Application

Pro Store Application

We hope you are having a safe, profitable and most importantly fun season. As a thank you for your hard work on and off the water, we would like to formally invite you to apply for the Grundens pro program. We appreciate the work you do for the fishing community and we hope this program is reflected as a “thank you” for all that you do.


This program is not for the public, nor was it created for the weekend warrior fish chaser. This is for the folks that enrich the fishing public on and off the water day in and day out. Our company motto is “We Are Fishing” and we are aware that your hard work makes fishing possible and keeps the traditions and innovations moving into the future. Thank you for all that you do, and please enjoy the Grundens Pro Program.


Not all applications will be accepted and please allow a 7-10 business days for processing as this is a new program and we are sure we will have plenty of applications come in to start this program off. 


Thanks again for all you do to support the fishing and outdoor community,


The crew at Grundéns USA