Wild Steelheaders United


At Grundéns, we have the great pleasure of enjoying the angling spoils of the Pacific Northwest. However, being an angler comes with much more than just fishing for the iconic steelhead and salmon of our endless rivers, streams, and tributaries. Here in the PNW, we have four dark shadows hanging over one of the most fabled and treasured waterways in North America: The Lower Snake River dams.


The Snake River is currently experiencing the worst returns of salmon and steelhead in over 200 years. Dam removal is the last hope for these fish, and we at Grundéns have committed to – in our lifetimes – seeking a true resolution. A Snake River free of smolt-killing concrete and slack water is a dream of steelhead and salmon anglers from all over the world. That is why we are announcing support for Trout Unlimited and their Wild Steelheaders United campaign. With efforts to restore a free-flowing Snake River (which is supported by their Snake River Ambassador Program), to their work to improve habitat and secure fisheries management reforms on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula & Oregon’s Central Coast, and additional work across the native range of steelhead, we couldn’t be happier to support our friends at Trout Unlimited.


Wild Steelheaders United, is an initiative for all anglers (regardless of fishing style preference) to become more informed about steelhead biology and ecology, to keep abreast of the latest management and policy issues and stay educated on Trout Unlimited’s ongoing conservation work. Above all, it is a home to anyone who believes in the quest to protect these incredible fish and foster better fishing opportunities for future generations to enjoy.