Why Our New Packaging Helps Protect Our Oceans


Here’s a problem: Each year, roughly 500-billion plastic bags are used worldwide with only 1% of those being recycled.


Here’s the result: Of those bags, literal tons will end up in the world's oceans, where it's estimated that there will be more plastics than fish by the year 2050.


At our core, Grundéns believes that fishing feeds us – both physically and mentally. That’s why the relationship we have with our oceans and waterways are of utmost importance to us. It’s our duty as stewards of the sea to protect these special resources through sustainable fishery habits and encouraging a healthy environment for our ecosystems to survive and thrive. Our goal is for future generations to be able to have a passionate relationship with fishing, much like we do.



In so, we are happy to announce the use of Vela Bags, which improves our current biodegradable packaging option by making it easier for consumers to recycle their packaging. The bags are transparent so the products can be easily seen at the retail level; however, unlike clear single-use plastic, these bags provide the ability to upcycle packaging rather than putting them in the trash.


Another eco-favorable benefit for Grundéns in using Vela Bags is where they are produced. The FSC Certified paper source is grown and the bags are created in a region where we manufacture our products. In turn, this highly reduces our overall carbon footprint both in production and shipping of the packaging. Beyond that, the bags are weather resistant and durable enough to withstand transportation through the supply chain which ensures a secure product until it ultimately lands in your hands.


This is an open-source project with the intent of sharing details of our new packaging. Our hope is that others might follow suit in shifting from single-use plastic to the more eco-friendly Vela Bag option.  Information on our new recyclable packaging is available online and can be found at www.vela.co.