Grundéns Presents: Luke Swanson - Living the Dream

Luke Swanson is a professional fishing guide from Brainerd, Minnesota. A third-generation angler, Luke comes from a long lineage of passionate fishermen who understand the true meaning of family and how fishing brings people together.

Growing up in “The Land of 10,000 Lakes”, a passion for fishing was instilled as part of Luke’s DNA at an incredibly young age. Through his father and grandfather, Luke was taught how to fish, how to read the water, and to react to the ever-changing conditions. This borderline addiction to the pursuit of the catch led to him turning his passions into a career: Luke became a licensed fishing guide at the age of 17.

Today, Luke continues living the dream as a professional fishing guide where he specializes in targeting the many freshwater gamefish species Minnesota has to offer, including the elusive Muskie. Luke gives thanks and honors his family every day through his guiding service where he shows his clients how truly special fishing can be, and, more importantly, the bond it can create by time spent on the water with the people you love.