Grundéns Leads Trash Pick-Up in Poulsbo, WA


At Grundéns, we believe that without fish or the environments that support healthy fish populations, there is no fishing and likely no us. One of our core company values is depending on nature and the mindset that fisheries and the environment are finite resources – we believe that we can play an integral role in protecting them.


That company culture attracts many talented individuals to join our team, all of whom share the same core values of respecting nature and the watery environments that we so frequently enjoy.


Earlier this month, during an “all hands” on-site week at Grundéns worldwide headquarters in Poulsbo, Washington, many of our colleagues participated in a hometown trash clean-up serving the area’s heralded Fish Park. A small bayfront reserve with walking paths and nature viewing, Fish Park is a natural extension of Liberty Bay and part of the greater Puget Sound.



While Fish Park is highly maintained and kept in excellent condition by many accounts, the Grundéns team was still able to collect and discard nearly 50-lbs of garbage during the 1.5-hour clean-up session. A huge thanks to all who joined in this great cause and fun, team-building memory, as well as to our partner, Fish For Garbage, for supplying the trash collection bags and supplies used during the event.


To learn more about Fish For Garbage or to view the City of Poulbo’s Parks & Recreation Map, click the links below: