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How to Shuck and Grill an Oyster

Ever wonder how to shuck and grill an oyster like an expert chef? Let our friends at Hog Island Oyster Co show you how to get the job done and impress your friends with these tasty morsels from the Tamales Bay, CA.

Nestled in the stunning Tomales Bay about 50 miles north of San Francisco, Hog Island Oyster Company is a truly unique farm to plate experience. At the leading edge of sustainability, Hog Island grow all 5 oyster species in their state-of-the-art facility and distribute throughout the Bay Area and online.

How To: Shuck an oyster with Hog Island Oyster Co.

Hog Island Oyster Company Farm Chef Jaime walks you through the steps on the proper way to shuck an oyster.

How To: Grill an oyster with Hog Island Oyster Co.

Your mouth will be watering over this simple and delicious oyster grilling recipe. Let Hog Island Oyster Company Farm Chef Jaime show you how it is done. Enjoy!

Grundéns Presents: Hog Island Oyster Co.

Nestled in the stunning Tomales Bay about 50 miles north of San Francisco, Hog Island Oyster Company is a truly unique farm to plate experience. At the leading edge of sustainability, Hog Island grows all 5 oyster species in their state-of-the-art facility and distributes throughout the Bay Area and online.

Old Nets, New Product

Sitting outside the public library in Unalaska, AK, then Fisheries Observer Nicole Baker was reading a story from Parley for the Oceans about Adidas using reclaimed fishing gear in a sneaker. A lightbulb popped on. Fishing nets are plastic…so why is no one making any major moves on recycling them?

Then and there, the concept of Net Your Problem was born. Nicole took many years working towards connecting the dots to get fishing gear (gillnets, seines, trawl nets, crab lines) collected from Fisherman and then shipped to the proper recycling plants, one of the few being in Denmark. Her new role as a ‘broker’ for recycling nets and lines came with the mission to keep fishing gear out of the landfill and oceans. But most importantly, to get discarded nets and lines into the hands of who can create plastic pellets from the old gear, so it can be properly incorporated back into the circular economy.

Companies like Aquafil can also use the nets to make a Regenerated Nylon fiber called ECONYL® and Nicole’s vision and mission are enabling brands like Grundéns to make products from nets. The Sidereal Pants, Shorts and Women’s Circe Leggings, depend in part, on the nets that Nicole has collected, becoming part of the recycled plastic supply chain.

In order to grow Net Your Problem, Nicole now has a warehouse in Ballard, WA with a bailing machine able to handle the seine web, gillnets and line she gets from around Alaska and Washington. With collection sites also active in Maine, more are in development in the Florida Keys as well as a site in Bristol Bay, Alaska opening in summer of 2022. The long range vision for Nicole and Net Your Problem? To have collection sites in the top 50 ports in the US, distributed across all regions.

Grundéns Presents: Unforgettable Virginia

Published Scientist, highly accomplished angler and Co-Captain of Gatecrasher Fishing Adventures, Virginia Salvador is the second only female captain on the front row of legendary Fishermans Wharf in San Francisco. Together with Captain Zack Medina, Gatecrasher offers anglers a unique experience by being the only catch and release charter operation for White Sturgeon in California. Gatecrasher view fish populations as a delicate resource with everyone sharing ownership to ensure its ongoing sustainability. Operating out of Fishermans Wharf makes their operation even more special and in the words of Captain Salvador ” I feel like I’m walking in the steps of generations of fisherman before me, its a nook of history that stays very consistent”.

Congrats Bradley Roy Winner of MLF Bass Pro Tour Stage 1

From an early age Bradley Roy knew what he wanted to be when he grew up, a Professional Bass Angler. Partnering with his Dad Anthony, Bradley participated in adult buddy bass tournaments and eventually became the youngest angler ever to have fished a Bassmaster Elite series event. Appreciative of the opportunities presented to him as a young angler and wanting to pay it forward to the next generation of anglers, Bradley established his own High School Bass tournament which is now its 9th year.

Grundéns Presents: Part 1 & 2 Bear Flag. The Daily Catch

Ask anyone at Bear Flag Fish Company what their restaurant concept is and they’ll proudly tell you that they’re “different”. Its not just the fact they make the most sublime fish tacos you’ve ever tasted or poke that melts in your mouth, but the crew at Bear Flag are sustainable harvesting specific fish species with hook and lines so they aren’t harming other species in the process. They also use a circle hook versus a standard J hook, which means they can safely release fish that aren’t fully developed without causing them any stress.

Most people don’t know where the fish they eat come from. When you visit one of the three Bear Flag locations in southern California, they’ll be able to tell you exactly where the fish came from. From Swordfish, to Bluefin tuna, to salmon to Halibut, the fresh list goes on. If you’re lucky you may even meet Thos Carson, owner and founder, who probably caught the fish you’re about to eat.

Grundéns Presents: No Matter What

Alex Spring lives to fish. Offshore fishing, fly fishing, inshore fishing, spearfishing, it’s what she thinks about all the time and if truth be known wouldn’t be able to live without it. Tampa Bay native, digital marketing agency owner, Alex’s number one rule is “don’t leave fish to find fish”. If the fish aren’t biting, she’ll suit up and hop in the water to free dive spearfish and selectively pick out what she wants for dinner that night. She’s not in it for the likes or emojis, Alex will be out there fishing all day, everyday, no matter what.

Grundéns Presents: Way Of Life

Located on the rugged and beautiful southern Oregon coast, Port Orford Sustainable Sea Food is part of the growing Community Supported Fisheries movement that started in 2007. CSF’s sell fresh, locally caught fish to their community members, promoting a symbiotic relationship between fisherman, consumers and the ocean.

CSF’s, part of the community supported agriculture (CSA) movement, began as a method to help marine ecosystems recover from the effects of over fishing while maintaining a thriving fishing community.

Join us as we meet Aaron, Mike and Kean, owners of Port Orford Sustainable Sea Food who will tell you they’re a little different -they like to let their authentic, fun selves come through. And it’s true.

Grundéns Presents: Jersey Boy

We’ve partnered with our friends at GORE-TEX to bring you the story of Adrian Avena, AKA Jersey Boy. Professional Major League Fishing Bass Angler. Commercial Fisherman. Charter Owner. DIY expert. Jersey Shore home boy. Adrian does it all. How does he manage to do all of this and to such a high level? He lives by a motto simple “Work harder than the next guy”, which Adrian most definitely does. Listen to Adrian as he talks about his early fishing experiences, his work ethic, being at the top of his game and the importance of having the right gear to wear in the often harsh conditions of the North East. Enjoy.

Our commitment to cleaner oceans

Every year, 500 Billion plastic bags are used worldwide, only 1% of those bags are recycled with many of those bags ending up in our oceans. Scientists have predicted that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish.

Grundéns believes that fishing feeds all of us – physically and emotionally. It is our livelihood but more importantly it’s our passion. Fishing at it’s core, is about respect for nature, the elements, the greater journey, the challenges, the experiences we bring back and the connection with it all. That same passion to build the worlds finest fishing apparel and footwear drives us everyday, as does our commitment to protecting marine life and ocean ecosystems.

Part of that commitment is to remove single use plastic bags from our supply chain and transition to a less environmentally intensive material for our packaging. We’re now using 100% biodegradable packaging made from a polylactide (PLA) produced from corn starch. Our new packaging will fully decompose in under 1 year and can be placed in a household or municipal composting system. They’ve also been extensively tested to ensure we achieved both ASTM and BS EN 13432 standards.



Reducing our impact on the planet and our oceans is an ongoing journey but one we are fully committed to taking. Without clean water and sustainable fisheries there’s no fish. Its journey we’re excited to be on and one that may never have a final destination but we’ll keep pushing to do everything we can to lessen the footprints we leave on the earth and the wake we leave on our waters.

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